First Date – What to Do?

If you have a crowd of fans looking for dating you, then you do need to waste your time reading this article. But if not, maybe you have something to learn from this article, which provides some of these tips on what do and not to do on a first date.

What to wear?

Unless you have to go to the Monte Carlo Rose Ball, you should not exaggerate. The Coco Chanel’s saying “Take off something before going out” is till true. If you have a dinner in a quiet place, do not overdo. Do not over dress. If you like very short skirt, avoid sexy shirt. If you are not used to high heels, there will be another time to do some practice, but not at your first date. If you go directly to your date from the office, without going home, refresh yourself at the bathroom, which does not mean to use deodorant and a good perfume!

Forget your former partners, this is your first date.

Talking about former partners at your first date is irritating and depressing. Are you asking me why ? It highlights a sad reality: you are obsessed with your past. The person in front of you will get bored and you will miss him. Instead, ask questions about what he likes to do, to eat, to read. Look for common interests.

Do not need to lie to gain his trust.

Do not lie on your age. If you are 38 years old, do not say you are 28. If you are a PA, do not say you are an executive. It will be not nice if after some time he realizes that you lied, you will lose his trust. Some other tips, do not discuss about political, economic topics, of the current crisis and your problems at work. Do not talk about diseases. This is a quite sad period, and people are looking for happiness and fun. So enjoy your date and have fun.

Talk about you but also listen about him.

If the person sitting at the table with you is dating you, it means he wants to know you better, know more about your interests, ideas, and your personality. He does not want to know about something he already knows quite well, such as the recent trends of the stock market. He does not want to know about the love relationships of your colleagues, he wants to know about you. But do not exaggerate, spend time also to listen about you and show interest, ask some questions.

Do not drink too much.

At your first date, you should not drink too much. This does not mean you can drink a nice glass of good wine, but you should not get to the point that you forget the name of the person sitting at the table with you. If you do not drink alcohol, this is not the time to start to do so. You can also have fun and enjoy your date without drinking.

Forget your blackberry or your cell phone.

Your cell phone rings, what to do? Answer but do not spend all evening talking at the phone. If your mother calls you, tell her to call you later. If your blackberry receives a message? In this case, it is better to not read it, usually emails and SMS are not urgent, and you can read them later.

Offer to pay the bill.

Even if the man should pay, there is nothing wrong if she tries to offer. But your gesture should be spontaneous and you should not show that you are paying because he does not want to or even worse because he forgot his wallet at home.

Do not go to his apartment at the first date.

The hunting instinct is predominant in all men. Moreover, his thoughts supported the theory that men were thrilled off the ‘chase’ and were innately driven to hunt and kill. But we did advocate that it was the ‘chase” which was more pleasurable when measured against the kill. So you should let him chase you but do not kill at the first attempt.

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